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Published in 2018 by CavanKerry Press, See the Wolf is my third poetry collection. Purchase your signed copy from the poet!


Set against the cultural milieu of the 1980s, See the Wolf tells the story of violence against women and girls through retold traditional fairytale and myth as well as the specific narrative of a single mother and her two daughters fighting to define their own lives.  See the Wolf looks unflinchingly at sexual objectification and the uses of gender stereotype, physical threat, violence, and predation to control women and girls.  “What are the chances,” it asks.  “that a man who flashes his teeth when he talks / doesn’t bite?”  Always sensitive to the dangers of their surroundings, trained to flee or to fight, these women ultimately refuse the role of victim being forced on them and instead take ownership of their narrative, as they learn “To fear is animal. / To create out of fear must be human-“


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See the Wolf

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