New Website, New Blog!

Just a quick placeholder to say 'hi all' here at my shiny new digs. My former, five- year-old blog over at Wordpress is no more. I was torn about bringing along some favorite blog posts and installing them in places of honor but decided to start fresh. Here at the new you can order books easily from the bookstore, contact me efficiently, keep up with readings, events, and new publications, check out my musings and doings on the blog, or scoot on over to my Etsy shop Small Salt Studio for photos and handcraft. I have several pots in the fire right now, I'd say 'on the Aga' but only about 10 people would get that joke ;) In short, I'll be back here soon, and frequently, to share the wacky creative stuff that's filling my days. Seriously, FB breaks are essential for creative souls. Maybe we'll talk about that too! Until soon.....

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