See the Wolf is Almost Here!

My third collection See the Wolf has just headed off to the printer! I wanted to share the stunning cover and overall book design and give a shout out to my blurbers: Karyna McGlynn and Jennifer K Sweeney, the cover artist Meredith Sibley for this unrivaled cyanotype image, Senior Editor of CavanKerry Press Joan Cusack Handler, my Managing Editor Starr Troup, as well as Production Assistant Jenna Beck and finally cover designer Ryan Scheife. Without this group of people we wouldn't be looking at the beauty above. I will update in the coming days with pre-order info. Please consider signing up for my newsletter, you can unsubscribe easily and at any time. Newsletter subscribers receive the latest news and some extras like publishing opportunities and writing prompts for the writers among you. My mailings are occasional, to the point and won't flood your inbox :)

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