Scenes From the Fest

Thank you, new friends and old, for stopping by the Easthampton Bookfest Marketplace and saying 'hi', buying a book, eating chocolate. Yesterday was the first time I toted along an edible offering, individually wrapped chocolate truffles, in a gold-rimmed glass bowl, grandma's-house-style. And I'll tell you, people like chocolate! Also, many people didn't have any qualms about swooping in, grabbing a piece, and making a quick get-away before I could start talking about, you know, books and poetry. As you can see from the above pics, I truly did up my table display game. I'm a craft fair veteran and enjoy that unique torture of hauling props and 50lb table through a packed parking lot. This time, I got all my stuff from car to set-up in two trips. Had the great idea of using typewriter cases as backdrops for each book, but couldn't use them to store books because they smelled musty. If I had a buck for every person who asked if there were typewriters in the cases! Juggling four empty typewriter cases on top of a rolling suitcase was comical enough. The Easthampton poet laureate simply said 'you have too much stuff'. But he came around to my particular genius in the end :)

It was a great day, I enjoyed talking to all of you. The most unassuming people have great stories, hobbies, and personalities to share. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me and thanks to the woman who bought me a lamp. Enjoy your books!

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