Tarot Card Collage and Found Poetry for August Poetry Postcard Fest

Thirty-two cards, a container of Mod Podge, one roll of laminate and a whole lot of cut and torn paper equals a sticky, yet fruitful, mess! For a few years I've taken part in the August Poetry Postcard Fest, wherein participants send a postcard with a bit of spontaneous poetry to a different recipient every day in August. Not sure how I ended up with 32 on my list in a month of 31 days, but I actually made more than 32 cards when all was said and done. When I looked back at the first few cards I'd made they just couldn't compete with the last, so I kept going. In years past, I composed directly into a document, printed the poem and taped it onto a postcard. Sometimes I went ekphrastic and wrote a poem specifically to the card image; other times I matched a card with my poem's theme. This year I thought I'd try something completely different and collage my own cards. Somehow I ended up with the idea to create collaged tarot cards with found or erasure poetry (a couple cards had lines from my own poems). I didn't set out to make one of every tarot card or even the major arcana. I used the images and text in the various books I was slicing to dictate the card choices. Because of this, I ended up with a few World cards, two Hierophants and two Towers, a real variety of visual and textual themes. My favorite sources were vintage boy scout manuals from around the 40s and 50s. I also used various nature guides (mushrooms, flowers, etc), House and Garden magazines from the 30s and some of my own artwork. Several of the backgrounds are ink mono prints I made a few years back and some of the women are watercolor or gauche paintings also from a few years back.

With my husband's encouragement, I decided to keep the originals and send laminated digital prints to the recipients. And I'm so glad I did! The prints looked crisp and neat heading out the door, where the originals were a bit bulky. Plus, now I have my original work to look back on and remind me of that month-long frenzy of paper and glue.

Here's a sampling of the cards!

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