Rewild Your New Year, Winter

New Year's Resolutions? Who needs resolutions? First in a series of four installments, we'll unravel the domesticated, tease-out the knots that are our busy schedules and 'to-do' lists, let a little air into the climate-controlled boxes we call home. Why tackle the year all at once when you can take it step-by-step, season by season? A seasonal list of books, projects, workshops, recipes, articles, experiences, prompts to creativity and contemplation, and just plain interesting things.

So, open a window onto the natural world: earth, stone, bone, tooth, lichen and bark. Better yet, open the door and walk right out!

Begin with wolves and a fox


Folklore of winter

Dreaming deep, Dream Journal

Maine Farmland Trust Residencies

Why I Adore the Night by Jeanette Winterson

Unravel Your Year

Walking on Lava: Selected Works for Uncivilised Times

Why Creativity Thrives in the Dark

Winter herbalism class

Ice, water, land, change, the art of Katie Ione Crane

Tips for taking ice photos, (some good ideas even if you're using a phone camera)

Venus and the moon will make a striking (and close) pair on the nights of January 28th and February 27th. The article also defines earthshine or 'the old moon in the young moon's arms'. Definitely worth a read!

Winter Gardening

Dark art for dark times

Wandering Through Winter by Edwin Way Teale

Start a morning candle-lighting ritual and Match: Bringing Heart and Will Into Alignment

Winter of life, croning

The Living Experiment's Winter Episode

A meditative cup of tea

Marriage of elder wisdom and technology

Fire Magic

Blizzard sounds

This guy hiked the AT in winter

150 mile Winter Challenge

Join one of these National Geographic Citizen Science Projects, take part in the NOVA Cloud Lab, or Ice Watch USA

Build a snow shelter and the comprehensive guide to winter sheltering

Dark Mountain Project, Find the Others International Meet-ups

Tarot writing prompts

Yin Yoga sequence for winter

Winter Journaling Challenge

The Power of Darkness

Orion Magazine Wilderness and Environmental Workshops

Start a nature journal

Melting glaciers, the art of Zaria Forman

Winter Weave

Nature Immersion for adults

Winter Cycling Guide

National Park Guide to Hiking in the Winter

Hearty winter recipes

Northland: A 4,000 Mile Journey Along America's Forgotten Border

Musings, Gunilla Norris blog

Reclaiming the Wild Soul by Mary Reynolds Thompson

Pine Needle Tea

15 uses for snow

Seed exchange, rare seeds, this seed saving project and this handy seed saving chart, because spring is coming!

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